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A Collection of Archaic Eastern Greek Gold Jewelry

Graduated spherical ribbed beads with central pomegranate pendant. Hair ornaments. Solid Cast Silver Falcon Amulet with gold inlays, the falcon wearing an identical set of beads.

7th - 5th Centuries BC


ex: private American & European collections, 1991.

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures III. (New York, 2005) p.6 Antiquarium Ltd.; Golden Treasures. Wearable Antiquity (New York, 1995) cover

Comparanda: Utili, Federico ; Die archaische Nekropole von Assos (Bonn, 1999) no.829-843 Pierides, Angeliki ; Jewellery in the Cyprus Museum. Picture Book no. 5 (Nicosea, 1971) pl. XXII.1-2 Jacobsthal, Paul ; Greek Pins and their Connexions with Europe & Asia (Oxford, 1956) no.42, 84, 85, 90 Becatti, Giovanni; Oreficerie antiche dalle minoiche alle barbariche (Rome, 1955) tav. XLI 220a,b, 221 (bird) Marshall, FH ; Catalogue of the Jewellery Greek, Etruscan & Roman in the Department of Antiquities, British Museum (London, 1911) no.1001-1010, 1194; no.1236-38; 1490 (bird)

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