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Early Imperial Roman Aquamarine Blown Glass Carchesium or Krateriskos

Isings form 36a


Köln or Aquilea, 2nd half of the 1st Century AD

Height: 13.7 cm. (5 3/8 in.)

Width: 15.7 cm. (6 3/16 in.)


ex: German family collection, 1960s–1970s by repute, thence a Swiss private collection. Swiss market by 1991.

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.36

Comparanda: Whitehouse, David ; Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass v.1 (Corning, 1997) Kunina, Nina ; Ancient Glass in the Hermitage Collection (St. Petersburg, 1997) no.184

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