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Apulian Red Figure Pottery Nestoris

Attributed as near the Painter of Karlsrhue B9

ca. 335-330BC

Height: 19.7 cm. (7 3/4 in.)


ex: private American collection, before 1987

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures V. (New York, 2007) p.22 Antiquarium, Ltd.; Piatti e Phiale. Pottery of Magna Graecia. Sixth to First Centuries BC (New York, 1990) no.1

Comparandum: Trendall, A. D.; Second supplement to The red-figured vases of Apulia. (London, 1991-1992) vol.1 pp.31-33; Collection Banca Intesa, Milan (ND) Inv. F.G-00487A-E/BI ; F.G-00127A-E/BI; F.G-00078A-E/BI; F.G-00043A-E/BI; F.G-00031A-E/BI

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