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Augustan Roman Molded Glass Ribbed Bowl

With a single band cut around the interior of the mouth. A rich deep amber hue, with iridescent patina.

Augustan to Julio-Claudian, late 1st Century BC to 1st Century AD

Intact, 4.5 x 13.4 cm (1 3⁄4 x 5 1⁄4")


Private Beirut Collection of Mr. E. Bestros, before 1985. European market, 1985. Private New York collection, 1990.

Published: Antiquarium, Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XVIII. (London, 2019) p.25 Antiquarium Ltd.; Reflections of Antiquity: Ancient Glass through the Ages (New York, 1989) p.6

Comparandum: Goldstein, Sidney; Pre-Roman & Early Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, 1979) pp.153-155 nos.327-329

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