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Antique English Tudor Diamond and Enamel Gold Ring

with original black, white and gray enamel remainingFeaturing a facet-cut diamond in a beveled rectangular bezel-box

much of original enamel remains intact. Minor nicks and wear on the ring.

late 16th - early 17th Centuries

Height: 23 mm. (0 15/16 in.)

bezel box: 10 mm. (0 3/8 in.)

U.S. ring size: 5-5.5


ex: private English collection 1851-2021, thence with her estate

Dalton, O.M; Franks bequest. Catalogue of the finger rings, early Christian, Byzantine, Teutonic, mediaeval and later, bequeathed by Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, K. C. B., in which are included the other rings of the same periods in the museum (London, 1912) p.269, no.1908, pl.26

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