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Fine Late Hellenistic Cornelian Intaglio with a portrait of a Hero or Deity

3rd - 2nd Centuries BC

Height: 15 mm. (0 5/8 in.)

Width: 17 mm (0 11/16 in.)

Depth: 3 mm. (0 1/8 in.)


Ex: private UK collection, 1976.

Maaskant-Kleibrink, Marianne; Catalogue of the engraved gems in the Royal Coin Cabinet, The Hague : the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman collections (Hague, 1978) p.83, no.26, pl.10

Richter, GMA; Engraved Gems of the Greeks and the Etruscans (London, 1968) p.153, no.597-601

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