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Egyptian Pale Blue-Green Glazed Faience Mummifirm Shabti of the Priest Nesbanebdjed

The T-shaped hieroglyphic inscription was popular from Dynasty XXVII to XXX. It is comprised of his name, that of his mother, and his titles: Horizontal text: The Illuminated One, The Imy-Khent priest, The One who separates the two gods, Prophet of Osiris in Anpet (Thimis), Vertical text: Overseer of Wab priests of Sakhmet in Hat-Mehyt (Mendes), The Prophet of Banebdjed, Nesbanebdjed (He of the ram, Lord of Mendes), Born of Shentyt

From Mendes, Dynasty XXX, ca. 380–342 BC.

Height: 17.5 cm. (6 15/16 in.)

Width: 4.8 cm. (1 15/16 in.)


Collected in Egypt by Georges le Breton, 1903. Ex: New York private collection, 1992

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.11

Comparandum: Aubert, Jacques & Liliane Aubert; Statuettes Egyptiennes. Chaouabtis, Ouchebtis (Paris, 1973) p. 255 pl 155–156.

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