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Charming Pair of Imperial Roman Hollow-Cast Bronze Feet

The flared calves with transversely pierced rolled tops served as sockets, indicating these were the feet of an extravagantly decorated chest or other elaborate piece of small or portable furniture.

Eastern Empire, 1st–2nd Century AD

Height: 10.8 cm. (4 1/4 in.)

Width: 3.7 cm. (1 1/2 in.)

5.8 cm. (2 5/16 in.)(Max. Measurements)


Ex: Israeli private collection of S. Moussaief (d. 2000). With Art Ancient Ltd., London; thence Merrin Gallery, New York (with invoice 103001360 dated 16 April 2018).

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.31

Comparandum: Hayes, John ; Greek Roman and Related Metalware in the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, 1984) pp.174-175, nos.285-286

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