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Early Roman Jasper Ringstone of Herakles

A tableau of Herakles’ Eleventh Labour, Stealing the Golden Apples of the Hesperides. (Apollodorus, Library 2.5.11). Based on a monumental cultic sculpture first conceived by the Greek sculptor Myron, ca. 450 BC. Taken into consideration with the use of red jasper, it is likely this intaglio was a so-called “magic” stone.

1st – 2nd Century AD

Height: 13 mm. (0 1/2 in.)

Width: 10 mm (0 3/8 in.)


Ex: London private collection 1980s.

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.25

Comparanda: Zwierlein-Diehl, E; Antike Gemmen in deutschen Sammlungen. Band 2. Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz Antikenabteilung Berlin (Munich, 1968-) pp.174-175, no.471, pl.83 Museo Prado, Madrid acc. no. E000101 Musei Capitolini acc. no. MC1265 American Numismatic Society, New York acc. no. 122. 1974.166.1

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