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Neo-Assyrian White Marble Cylinder Seal

With a dynamic hunting scene in the Linear Style featuring a running archer, his arrow in flight. The ground is filled with running ibexes, a raptor in flight, and a rampant lion. A star (or Venus) and crescent moon frame the arrow in the upper central field.

9th–7th Century BC

Height: 35 mm. (1 3/8 in.)


Ex: American private collection, acquired on the Swiss market 1992, thence by descent.

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.13

Comparanda: Kist, Joost; Ancient Near Eastern seals from the Kist collection : three millennia of miniature reliefs (Leiden, 2003) p.139, no. 252 (Classic Syrian) & p.186 nos. 347-350 (Neo-Assyrian) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York acc. no. 1999.325.72

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