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Excellent Hellenistic Greek Bronze Fulcrum

with a horse head terminal. The arm or headrest to an elaborate kline (bed, or couch), the terminal decorated with an expertly rendered horse head, a scarf about the animal’s neck decorated as a lioness confronting a hare. Eyes inlaid with silver, traces of original silvering throughout, particularly on the mane.

2nd Century BC

Width: 39.4 cm. (15 1/2 in.)


Ex: private New York estate collection (previously New York market, 1991); thence by descent.

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) pp.20-21 Robert Haber & Assoc.; Gods, Beasts & Men: Images from Antiquity (New York, 1991) p.35

Comparandum: Mattusch, Carol C, Amy Brauer, and Sandra E. Knudsen (eds.); From the parts to the whole : Acta of the 13th International Bronze Congress, held at Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 28 - June 1, 1996 (Portsmith, 2000) Natalie Taback, “The Harvard Fulcrum Attachment. A problem of Dating “ pp.261-264.

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