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The lotus was a symbol of creation in ancient Egypt. Harpokrates (Horus as a child) was often portrayed sitting on a lotus blossom. Amulets of Heqet were worn during childbirth, the goddess of birth and resurrection depicted as a frog sitting on a lotus. According to Egyptian mythology, it was she who breathed life into the newborn Horus

New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII–XX, 1570–1069 BC

Height: 10.5 mm. (0 7/16 in.)

Width: 11 mm (0 7/16 in.)


Ex: Swiss private collection, Mnsr. Maurice Bouvier, documented in 1959.

Published: Antiquarium, Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XIX. (London, 2020) p.8

Comparanda: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York acc. nos. 43.2.4; 43.2.5 The British Museum, London mus. no.EA3074

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