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An Important Roman Bronze Sheet Manumission Inscription

Greek inscription attesting to the manumission of the slave Afroditia and cursing whomever might enslave her again: “To good fortune Timokrateia sets free Afroditia in the presence of the other gods and Athene. Those (fem.) who are going to enslave...he who enslaved Afroditia should be homeless. Witnesses to the god”

3rd Century AD

Height: 10.4 cm. (4 1/16 in.)

Width: 14.2 cm. (5 5/8 in.)


ex: a private New York collection, 1995.

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XIV. (New York, 2016) p.37

Comparandum: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York acc. nos.: 23.160.50 and 23.160.53

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