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Egyptian Faience Shabti of Psamtek, “Born of Amenirdis”

hieroglyphic inscription: “(1) Illuminate The Osiris Psamtek, true of voice, born of Amenirdis. He says O (2) you Shabti! If one should assign the Osiris Psamtik, true of (3) voice, born of Amenirdis, to do any work that needs to be done in the necropolis (4) once obstacles have been removed there from a man at his duties (5) ’Here I am!’ you shall say. And if one should assume (6) you at any time to do [work] there – to cultivate (7) fields , to irrigate riverbanks , or to transport (8) sand of the East to the West or vice versa – ‘Here (9) I am! You shall say..”

Late Period, Dynasty XXVI, circa 664-525 BC

Height: 16.8 cm. (6 5/8 in.)

Width: 4.7 cm. (1 7/8 in.)


private New York collection, 1976

Exhibited: BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XV. (New York, 2017) p.10

Comparandum: Page-Gasser, Madeleine & André B. Wiese; Ägypten : Augenblicke der Ewigkeit : Unbekannte Schätze aus Schweizer Privatbesitz (Mainz am Rhein, 1997) pp.246-248, nos.161-162

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