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Hellenistic SIlver gilt cast Bronze Horse's Head

Hellenistic cast bronze horse head from a fulcrum. Extant silver gilt over much of the surface, the animal’s right eye survives in core formed yellow, blue & black glass. No repair or restoration.

1st century BC

Height: 10 cm. (3 15/16 in.)

Width: 16.5 cm. (6 1/2 in.)


ex: a private European collection, 1970s - 1998. Then a private American collection, 2000 - 2014.

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XII. (New York, 2014) p.27 Antiquarium Ltd.; The Good Life. Luxury Objects of the Ancient World (New York, 1999) p.2

Comparandum: Mitten, David G.; Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design Classical Bronzes (Providence, 1975) pp.176-179, no.59

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