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Hellenistic Greek Silver Bracelet

Dionysos wearing a grapevine wreath

3rd Century BC

Height: 7 cm. (2 3/4 in.)

(Max. Measurements)


ex: private American collection, 2013. Previously, another private collection, before 1975

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XII. (New York, 2014) p.26

Comparandum: Williams, Dyfri (ed.); The Art of the Greek Goldsmith (London, 1998) pp.95-98, Friederike Naumann-Steckner "Greek Jewellery and its Representation"; fig.13.2 Deppert-Lippitz, Barbara ; Griechischer Goldschmuck (Mainz am Rhein, 1985) pp.235-237, fig.173

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