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Lucanian Red-Figure Pottery Skyphos

Attributed by Dr. A.D. Trendall to the Intermediate Group

end of the 5th Century BC

Height: 13.5 cm. (5 5/16 in.)


ex: private German collection, before 1967

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures IX. (New York, 2011) p.24-25 Hornbostel, Wilhelm ; Kunst der Antike : Schatze aus norddeutschem Privatbesitz (Mainz, 1977) pp.387-88, no.344

Comparandum: Trendall, A. D.; The red-figured vases of Lucania, Campania and Sicily. Second supplement (London, 1973) pl.31.2 (no.326) for peplos and scrollwork; pl.33.1-3 (nos.352, 353) for pattern under handles

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