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Western Asiatic Banded Alabaster Flared Bowl

late 3rd - 2nd Millennia BC

Height: 5.6 cm. (2 3/16 in.)

Width: 10.4 cm. (4 1/16 in.)


ex: a private American collection, before 1978.

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XIV. (New York, 2016) p.9

Comparandum: Aruz, Joan (ed.); Art of the first cities : the third millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus (New York , 2003) no.202e Casanova, M; La vaisselle d'albâtre de Mésopotamie, d'Iran et d'Asie centrale aux IIIe et IIe millénaires avant J.-C. (Paris, 1991) pl.8, nos. 89, 90, 99, 100

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