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Roman Alabaster Dedicatory Statuette of Venus Genetrix

Her left breast is exposed as her diaphanous himation falls about her body. She reaches above and behind her right shoulder with her right hand in an attempt to secure it. She stands in contrapposto, her right leg bent at the knee while her left leg supports her weight. She stands on an integral oval plinth. Her left hand is lost. Mineral incrustations and moderate surface wear.

Early Imperial, 1st C. AD

Height: 25.7 cm. (10 1/8 in.)

Width: 10.5 cm. (4 1/8 in.)


Ex: German private collection, prior to 1988.

Exhibited: BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures VIII. (New York, 2010) p.36-37

Comparanda: Ackermann, HC; et al; Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) (Zurich, 1981-) v.8, pls.132, 133 (Venus 1, 5, 11, 14, 21, 22) Comstock, Mary & Cornelius Vermeule; Sculpture in Stone. The Greek, Roman and Etruscan Collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (Boston, 1976) no.177

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