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Apulian Red Figure Lidded Mug

connected to the Virginia Exhibition Painter (Dr. A.D Trendall)

ca. 330 - 300 BC

Height: 40.4 cm. (15 15/16 in.)

Width: 20.8 cm. (8 3/16 in.)


ex: private American collection, 1960’s in New York

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures X. (New York, 2012) p. 24

Comparandum: Trendall, A D ; Red Figure Vases of South Italy & Sicily (London, 1989) pl.268, 269 Mayo, Margaret Ellen ; The Art of South Italy. Vases from Magna Graecia (Richmond, 1983) p.152, no.61 (Ganemede/Armidale painters)

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