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Rare Roman Glass Jug

4th Century AD, from Kerch

Height: 24.5 cm. (9 11/16 in.)


Ex: private British and European collections, before 1999.

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures VI. (New York, 2008) p.45 Bonham’s; Antiquities (London, 10.21.1999) no.79

Comparandum: Buckton, David (ed.); Byzantium : treasures of Byzantine art and culture from British collections (London, 1994) pp.41-42, no.19 Harden, Donald ; Glass of the Caesars (Corning, 1987) p.146, no.74 Oliver, Andrew; Ancient glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, 1980) p.98, no.150

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