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Greek Bronze Situla

4th Century BC

Height: 23 cm. (9 1/16 in.)

Width: 22 cm. (8 11/16 in.)


ex: collection Baron Edmond de Rothschild, France

Published: Antiquarium, Ltd.; Ancient Treasures VII. (New York, 2009) p.25 Cambitoglou, A; Chamay, J; Camagnolo, M; Le don de la vigne: vase antique du baron Edmond de Rothschild (Neuchatel, 2006) p.151

Comparandum: Bar-Sharrar, Beryl & Eugene Borza (eds.); Studies in the History of Art, 10: Macedonia & Greece in Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Times (Washington DC, 1982) p.127-129, fig.8-11

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