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Egyptian Faience Ushabti of Psamtek,

Inscription: “the superintendant of the treasury, Psamtek called Iahmes, born to Bastertirdis”

Late period, Dynasty XXX (ca. 380-343 BC)

Height: 19 cm. (7 1/2 in.)


ex: private European collection, before 1977.

Exhibited: BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) Antiquarium Ltd. with Salon 94; Frieze Masters, London (5-8 October 2017) (2017) Published: Antiquarium, Ltd.; Ancient Treasures VII. (New York, 2009) p.6 Schneider, Hans D; Shabtis : an introduction to the history of ancient Egyptian funerary statuettes with a catalogue of the collection of shabtis in the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden (Leiden, 1977) pl.60, no. (text, p.178)

Comparandum: Friedman, Florence (ed.); Gifts of the Nile. Ancient Egyptian Faience (New York, 1998) no.153

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