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Roman Bronze Apollo Omphalos

on its original base

Late 1st - early 2nd Centuries AD

Height: 18.2 cm. (7 3/16 in.)

Width: 6.5 cm. (2 9/16 in.)


ex: private American collection early 1970’s

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures IX. (New York, 2011) p.35

Comparandum: Vermeule, C.C & J.M Eisenberg; Catalogue of the Greek, Etruscan and Roman Bronzes in the Collection of John Kluge (New York & Boston, 1992) no. 89-75 (this book doesn’t seem to exist. may be private printing?) Sotheby’s; Antiquities (London, 12.03.1991) no.139

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