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Rare Eastern Imperial Roman solid gold ring

With D-shaped wide shouldered shankand flared shoulders, the elliptical bezel set with an unusual pink agate intaglio of enthroned Apollo Kitharadotos (as a Lyre-Player)in right profile, his drapery about his waist , his Kithera (Lyre) cradled in his right arm, Laurel branches (sacred to the deity) in his outstretched left hand. Groundline. A Greek inscription "HELIO...." about the perimeter, probably added a bit later. Apollo was the god of Light, the Sun, Reason, Mathematics, Music and Poetry

1st - 2nd Century AD

U.S. ring size: 5.5


Acquired from a European collector in June, 2005.

Published: Antiquarium, Ltd. & Sue Ollemans; Ancient Rings from Near to Far East (New York, 2018) no.8

Comparandum: The British Museum, London mus. no. 1881,0824.40

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