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Egyptian Alabaster Alabastron

Most likely made in Syria for the Egyptian Market. Intact.


Late Period, Dynasties XXVI-XXX, ca. 664-525BC

Height: 18.1 cm. (7 1/8 in.)

Width: 5.3 cm. (2 1/16 in.)


British private collection of Mr. D. H., before 1955. Acquired by Antiquarium, Ltd. in New York, November 2002

BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020)

Antiquarium Ltd. with Salon 94; Frieze Masters, London (5-8 October 2017) (2017)

Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures X. (New York, 2012) p. 14

Comparanda: Öztürk, Ilknur, Öztürk, Jean, Mellink, M et al.; The Lydian treasure :heritage recovered (Istanbul, 1996) no.86, from Turkey Kayser, Hans; Agyptisches Kunsthandwerk (Braunschweig, 1969) p.61, no.59 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Accession Nos: 74.51.5102 & 74.51.5105

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