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Hellenistic Cast Glass Fluted Bowl

2nd Century BC

Height: 9.8 cm. (3 7/8 in.)

Width: 18.7 cm. (7 3/8 in.)


ex. a private British collection, before 1955

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XIII. (New York, 2015) p.18-19 Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures. (New York, 2003) p.23

Comparanda: Stern, E. Marianne & Birgit Schlick-Nolte; Early Glass of the Ancient World. 1600BC-AD50. The Ernesto Wolf Collection (Ostfildern, 1994) pp. 252-255, no. 66 and fig. 183; metal prototypes pp. pp.101-2 Grose, David ; The Toledo Museum of Art. Early Ancient Glass. (Toledo, 1989) p.204, no.211

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