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A Rare Roman Cornelian Intaglio of a Warrior Consulting an Oracle

composed of a column surmounted by a woodpecker, with a snake wrapped around it. This is a very rare allegorical depiction of an oracle based on the 1st Century BC writing of Dionysius of Halikarnassos (Ant.Rom. I. 14, section 5)

1st - 2nd Centuries AD

Height: 12.15 mm. (0 1/2 in.)

Width: 10.50 mm (0 7/16 in.)


ex: private American collection, 1990s

Published: Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XIV. (New York, 2016) p.26

Comparanda: Henig, M; The Lewis Collection of Engraved Gemstones in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (Oxford, 1975) p. 43, no. 185 (A 26)

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