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Imperial Eastern Roman Gold Ring with a High Flat Topped Intaglio of a Cock

Eastern Imperial Roman solid gold ring with flared angled shank and raised elliptical red jasper intaglio of a Cockerel, walking left, an ear of grain before it. Groundline Cockerel was a symbol of male virility, a traditional gift given by a man to his youthful paramour.

3rd Century AD

U.S. ring size: 5.5


Acquired November 1999, European market

Comparandum: Chadour, Anna Beatriz ; Rings. The Alice & Louis Koch Collection. v.1 (Leeds, 1994) no.452 (for ring style) Zwierlein-Diehl, Erica ; Die Antiken Gemmen des Kunsthitorisches Museums in Wien. Bd.3: Die Gemmen der späteren römischen Kaiserzeit, Masken ... Nachträge (Munich, 1991) no.2136 (ring style); nos.1952-1953

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