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Archaic Greek Bronze Trefoil-Mouthed Oinochoe

The sheet vessel featuring a separately cast handle with a Satyr’s head at the base and a Maenad’s head at the upper terminal. Satyrs and Maenads were companions of Dionysus, making them uniquely appropriate as subject-matter for decorating wine vessels

early 5th Century BC

Height: 14.9 cm. (5 7/8 in.)

Width: 9.5 cm. (3 3/4 in.)

Diam.: 11.5 cm. (4 9/16 in.)


Ex: Swiss private collection, by the 1990s.

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.16 Antiquarium Ltd.; The Good Life. Luxury Objects of the Ancient World (New York, 1999) p.14

Comparandum: The British Museum, London mus. no. 1855,0306.2

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