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Rare Islamic Gold Mesh Bracelet

Composed of individual links strung on pins. Three evenly space rectangular openings on one side of the bracelet are fitted with domed cabochon chrome chalcedony gems in gold sheet bezels.

Syria or Turkey, Fatimid to Ayyubid Sultanate, 12th–13th Century AD

Height: 23 mm. (0 15/16 in.)

Width: 95 mm (3 3/4 in.)

67 mm. (2 11/16 in.)

wt: 71.5g.


New York private collection by 1991

Published: Antiquarium; Ancient Treasures XX. (London, 2022) p.44

Comparanda: Matḥaf Dimashq; Catalogue du Musée national de Damas : publié à l'occasion de son cinquantenaire (1919 - 1969) (Damascus, 1969) p.209, no. 4 & fig.118 Allen Memorial Art Museum; Melvin Gutman collection of ancient and medieval gold (Oberlin, 1961) p.90, no.32

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