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Massive Seljuk Islamic Cuff Bracelet

with incised decoration. The weight of the piece suggests it was part of a dowry.

Fatimid, 10th–12th Century AD

Height: 66 mm. (2 5/8 in.)

Width: 56 mm (2 3/16 in.)

wt: 77g.


Ex: European private collection, 1970s, by repute. European market, 1980s. American private collection of Ms. A. D., acquired from Antiquarium, Ltd., April 1991. Reacquired by Antiquarium, Ltd., June 2008.

Published: Antiquarium, Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XIX. (London, 2020) p.43

Comparandum: Piotrovskiĭ, M. B. et al; Earthly beauty, heavenly art : art of Islam (Amsterdam,1999) p.273, no. 269 (Nat. Museum of Syria acc. no.2795-A)

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