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Byzantine Bronze Enkolpion Reliquary Cross Pendant

Obverse: Nimbate Mary as Mater Dei, the nimbate Christ Orans on her lap, inscribed above in Greek, ΠαΝαΓΗα (all holy). The pair are flanked by the nimbate busts of Saints Peter and John, their names inscribed, ΠΕΤΡΟC and ΗΟαΝΗ. Reverse: An unusual presentation of Saints George and Theodore together, nimbate and orans, their names inscribed above and to the right, ΓΙΟΡΓΙΟΙ and ΘΕΟΔΟΡΟΙ.

6th - 9th Century AD

Intact, 11 x 5.1 cm (4 5/9 x 2")


Ex: private American collection 1993-2019; previously a European collection, 1990s or earlier

Published: Antiquarium, Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XVIII. (London, 2019) p.48

Comparandum: The British Museum, London reg. no. 1986, 1002.1

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