Egyptian Limestone Relief

Partial Dedicatory Hieroglyphic Inscription. Traces of Egyptian Blue pigment.


Late Period, Dynasty XXVI – XXX, ca. 664 – 332 BC


Height: 23 cm.     (9 1/16 in.)

Width: 26 cm.     (10 1/4 in.)

Depth: 6 cm.     (2 3/8 in.)

Ex: a private American collection, Mr. R.Z. Acquired by Antiquarium, Ltd., Swiss market, 1989. Private Swiss collection, Mnsr. S.A., by 1989. Published, Antiquarium, Ltd. Zoologica (New York, 1996), p. 20. Re-acquired by Antiquarium, Ltd., New York, April 2018





BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) 





Metropolitan Museum of Art  acc. no. O.C.1271

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