Egyptian Peridotite Head of a Priest

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Sculpted in idealizing style, with a high domed forehead and shaven egg-shaped skull, his face with narrow almond-shaped eyes, the modelled brows gently arching above, with prominent cheek bones, and rounded thick lips pursed into a slight smile


Ptolemaic Period, circa 332-30 BC

ht: 3 5/16 in. (8.4 cm.)

Collection Resandro, Munich. 

Collection Arthur Sambon (1867­1947), Paris. 

With Ernest Brummer (1891­ 1964), Paris. 

With Spink & Son, and Galerie Koller, Zurich, 1979. 

With U.K. permanent export license. 





BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) 

Antiquarium Ltd. with Salon 94; Frieze Masters, London (5-8 October 2017) (2017) 




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Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid  acc. no. 1973/58/EG/1