Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment from a Round-Topped Stela

Hathor holding a WAS-sceptre, seated before an offering table with two incense braziers.


Inscribed: "Hathor, Mistress of Iunet (Dendera), Mistress of Heaven, [and] Mistress of the Two Lands"


New Kingdom, Dynasties XIX-XX Ramesside (ca. 1295-1070BC).


Height: 35.5 cm.     (14 in.)

Width: 27.4 cm.     (10 13/16 in.)


ex: private French collection, 1970.


Published:  Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures V (New York, 2007) p.9


cf:  Bierbrier, ML; The British Museum. Hieroglyphic Texts from Egyptian Stelae. Pt.12 (London, 1993) nos.279, 374 (pl.51)



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